Getting to Know You

First-date interactions play a major role in determining the trajectory of a potential relationship. During the initial meeting, partners have the opportunity to learn more about one another as they assess whether or not they are well matched.

The information that we share, both verbally and non-verbally, can make a lasting impression. Therefore, first dates are often carefully orchestrated events in which the participants play specific roles, with the goal of creating a bond.

The Purpose of Dating.

It is important to determine the purpose of dating, as the reasons why we engage in this behavior may be connected to the different experiences we have during our dates.
The study found that the most frequently mentioned goal was uncertainty reduction, which involved getting to know the partner better. Another goal, which was described by more than half of the participants, was relational escalation, or investigating the possibility of a future relationship. Gender differences were also observed in that men were more likely than women to report sexual activity goals, and women were more likely to discuss long-term potential and companionship.

Examining the reasons why people date is important, because it demonstrates that there are many purposes that it can serve. The reason why one person may choose to go on a date may not align with his/her partner’s purpose. Therefore, assessing the level of commitment and interest a person has in you on a date may be a bit more challenging than we originally accounted for.