Green Tourism in Ukraine

Green tourism for many residents of megacities has become not only an opportunity to escape from the suffocating stone jungle, but also a chance to return to the traditions of ancestors and nature.

According to European statistics, 35% of the big cities’ inhabitants in EU prefer to have a rest in the countryside. Eco tourism or green tourism has existed in Europe for more than half a century.

For foreign guests of Ukraine, green tourism is an opportunity to live in authentic Ukrainian village, to learn about local natural beauties and to become a direct participant of rural life in the Ukrainian province.

Two types of green tourism can be named: active leisure like hiking with overnight stays in tents, bike tours, rafting, fishing and hunting. The second type of green tourism is about direct residence in the village, where the tourist becomes a participant in everyday routine.

The guests can see the rural life with their own eyes, as well as to care for livestock, prepare firewood, work in the garden, be engaged in beekeeping and try themselves at various crafts.

The Carpathians in the period from spring to autumn is one of the most popular regions for both types of green tourism. The incredible beauties of nature, the variety of routes, the abundance of picturesque mountain villages make this region the pearl of green tourism in the country.

Crystal clear air and delicious cuisine, prepared exclusively from natural products, bathing in mountain lakes and rivers can restore not only spiritually, but also physically.

Odesa and Mykolayiv regions are no less interesting for green tourism. Fresh sea air, sea adventures in combination with the traditions of fishing. Small farms with their vineyards or small houses of fishermen are a real romance.

In any other region of the country, the tourist will be able to find its unique features that make this type of tourism so attractive in Ukraine.

Affordable prices for recreation, preservation traditions, nature and sincere hospitality attract more and more green tourists to our country.

Over the past years, the whole world has begun to change its attitude towards ecology, to the role of human being in the eco system, to the consumption of natural resources and the processing of all kinds of waste. This awareness affects all spheres of human activities, including tourism.