Can Freelance Help Your Work-Life Balance?

Your alarm rings first thing in the morning, before the sun even comes up. You’re filled with the same dread you feel every morning? The dread that comes with knowing you’ll have to get out of bed, put on some clothes, and head out to work.

Who hasn’t fantasized about working from home, during these moments? What greater joy could there be than being able to work from your bed, in your pajamas? To have the freedom to clock at your leisure during all hours of the day? To have complete control over your work-life balance?

Working from home has loads of advantages but just as many drawbacks. But could it help workers solve the problem of finding a healthy work-life balance?


If you can write, program, teach, or transcribe, you can find a remote job. The 21st Century workforce is more tech-centric than ever and, often, all you really need is a computer with an internet connection to do your job.

You’re in charge of your work-life balance.
That fantasy of working from your bed in your pajamas is surprisingly realistic. Telecommuting gives you that option. As long as you meet your deadlines, how you distribute your workload is entirely up to you.

You’ll be more productive.
One of the biggest concerns for people who want to telecommute is that they feel like they’ll be too distracted by home matters to work. This is a possible outcome but you’d be surprised how much more productive you’ll become once you get used to it. Without distractions from coworkers, tedious meetings, and other forms of forced downtime, you can focus on doing your actual job.

Plus, working from home eliminates your daily commute, which can free up hours of time for you to work or rest.