For you, we have prepared several long-term motivational and teaching programs.

“The Maze”

This program is for those who seek to improve a particular sphere of their lives. In this course with the help of the method “Planned chances” you will learn how to manage events and overcome obsession with something, as well as feel the inner harmony and bring more bright joyful moments into your life.

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“Point Break”

This program will be useful to people who are not resting on their laurels, who want to open their horizons and expand them.
Each has its own point break. Want to define it? Then you came to the right place.
The program will work on overcoming fears and managing emotions, willpower training. You will learn to feel harmony with nature and to enjoy both life here and now, as well as the feeling of power arising from the victory over what you were previously subject to.


Personal plan of development

If you feel that some spheres of your life are too neglected or the question is very individual, for you, after identifying your problem areas, a personalized plan for completing the program can be made according to your wishes.

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