Top 6 Natural Wonders in Ukraine

Ukraine can offer numerous places to visit for travelers. Ski resorts in the West and pristine beaches in the South, modern cities and traditional villages, well preserved historical relics and nature landmarks all over this vast country.

  • The Pink Lake is located in Kherson Region. Locals call this lake the Ukrainian Dead Sea. It is truly a natural miracle as the waters of the lake have a tender pink color. The percentage of sea salt in the water reaches 35%. Rich in sulphur and an array of other minerals, these waters are considered to have endless health and beauty benefits.

  • Chornohora is the highest mountain range in Western Ukraine, located on the border of Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. It is especially beautiful at a time when the slopes of the range are covered by flowering rhododendron. Dzembronya is a small village located on the steep slopes of Chornohora Ridge, near the border with Romania. The population of Dzembronya is only about 250 people. It is the most high-altitude village in Ukraine and probably one of the most picturesque ones.

  • Dzharylhach Island is often referred to as Ukrainian Maldives. This beautiful strip of land is located in Kherson region and due to its remote location remains pretty deserted even in the peak summer season.

  • Dniester Canyon is stretching along three regions of Western Ukraine. Dniester is often referred to as one of the most beautiful European rivers and is rightly called one of the top 7 Natural Wonders of Ukraine.

  • Synevyr Lake is the largest mountain lake in the Carpathian Mountains. It is also called “Sea Eye” or “Pearl of the Carpathians”. The lake has a mirror-like water surface among green forests, with a small island in the middle. There is beautiful legend that the picturesque blue lake was formed from the tears of the count’s daughter Syn’, on the place where her father had killed her beloved shepherd Vir. The names of the couple formed the lake’s name «Synevyr». These days two wooden statues of lovers remind numerous travelers of this romantic but tragic legend.

  • Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park is located in the province of Khmelnytska Oblast in the western Ukraine. There are 1700 types of flora and 217 different kinds of fauna. And 14% of state forest fund there. Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park is the biggest nature reserve in Ukraine covering an area of 1,009 square miles.